Platige Image reveals Fish Ladder
Platige Image reveals Fish Ladder - a strategy and design team responsible since 2014 for delivering the company’s special projects.  

“Within our group we’ve been always enthusiastic about looking at ways to grow and deliver projects that exceeded our core business. With time, these experiences became the foundation for creating Fish Ladder, a special team within our structure that will now focus on advancing those emerging opportunities.” - said Jarosław Sawko, CEO and one of the founders of Platige Image.

Fish Ladder is a strategy and experience design studio carrying out conceptually and technologically advanced projects. Thanks to years of experience at the intersection of technology, science, art and new media it is well placed to engage in novel, ambitious and creative endeavors. The team has already a respected portfolio of projects and achievements that communicate ideas, products and content interactions in a distinctive and imaginative manner.  

Fish Ladder is led by Marcin Kobylecki - executive producer at Platige Image, currently the studio’s Chief Creative Officer. For years in pair with Tomek Bagiński he oversaw and delivered numerous creative and experimental multimedia projects, including the Academy Award nominated short film “The Cathedral”, as well as “The Animated History of Poland”, “City of ruins” and notable cinematics for the gaming industry, including “The Witcher” and “Cyberpunk 2077”.  

“Thanks to the vast experiences we gained through designing and delivering special projects we are confident that we built some extraordinary and distinctive capabilities that allow us to take on new endeavors, requiring an imaginative, interdisciplinary approach. Fish Ladder is a team with those skills, fit for the spirit of times - from concept and strategy design to cross-sector consortium building and world-class production and delivery. We’re really excited for what waits ahead of us.” - said Kobylecki.  

The core team include Lukasz Alwast, Krzysztof Noworyta, Tobiasz Piątkowski, Jan Pomierny and Marta Staniszewska - whom in the past were involved in designing and delivering award-winning projects, such as the “Move Your Imagination” campaign, core exhibition design for the Polish History Museum and the Museum of Marshall Joseph Pilsudski, the “Ambition” project for the European Space Agency, exhibition scenarios for the Polish pavilion at the EXPO2015 in Milan and “The Old Axolotl” and “Polish legends” projects for Allegro Group.