Platige Image with Vivid games has created its first game for mobile devices. Godfire is an action-adventure type game, placed in the bloody world of ancient Greek mythology.

- We all have our own archetypes of Ancient Greece in our heads, its heroes, gods, and monsters. Pop culture managed to devour and repackage this topic time and time again. Ancient Greece is a pliable piece of metal that can be shaped in a multitude of ways. We decided to freshen up its image a bit, infusing it with our own visual content. We decided to forget boring history lessons in favor of entertainment and a good dose of angular, polished tech straight out of sci-fi combined with elaborate ancient ornamentation. We were intent on creating dark, atmospheric, and expressive visuals – says Jakub Jabłoński from Platige, Art Director of the project.

Platige and Vivid have also prepared something special – world first limited collector's edition for mobile game (Titan Edition). Inside you'll find official Godfire’s T-shirt, detailed 8.7 inch / 22 cm Prometheus figurine, hardcover artbook, and redeemable voucher code for the game. All these packaged good will be available for 49.99 EUR on the official website.

Platige was responsible for all the visuals of the game – from concepts to final effect. Platige’s artists were also responsible for animation directing and art directing of the game. Motion Capture sessions, used to create gameplay and cutscenes, were also held in the studio.

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