After 15 years it’s finally time to make some changes and that’s why we decided to undertake
a comprehensive rebranding of Platige.

The new logo and website are pillars of this new cohesive image of the studio that will
represent us in the years ahead.

We’ve been looking for a logo that would meet two conditions: it would reference our
studio’s earlier logotype and be a strong, expressive symbol.

We like heavy forms, that’s why we turned to the best brand logos of the 1960s and 1970s for
inspiration. These logos were recognizable because they were simple and “edgy” – just like
our previous visual identity, founded upon the words Platige Image and the Π symbol.

Starting out from the distinctive Π shape, signifying growth, spirals, and an infinite string
of numbers, we inscribed the letter P into a triangle, mostly retaining the shape of the
mathematical symbol.

This new Π signifies the new Platige and is the centerpiece of the studio’s new visual identity.