“Datura” the new PS3 game has premiered on 9th May. It was created by joined forces of
Plastic Group from Łódź and Santa Monica Studio for Sony Computer Entertainment. Platige
Image had the pleasure of co-creating the game.

We have prepared considerable amount of game elements which are discovered by the players
during their trip into mysterious, virtual forest. It was mainly models and textures of the
characters and game world. The biggest challenge was the animation of the hand which is the
main element in the game navigation. It harmonizes perfectly with Playstation®Move, so it
was possible to create a hand which enable to feel the game world empirically. Touching the
trees, face and other elements seems extremely realistic. It gives the players great immersion.
It is also intensified by the usage od stereoscopy (3D).

The game uses head tracking device which together with Playstation®Move help to plunge
into the virtual world. For the first time personal 3D viewer Sony HMZ-T1 was combined
with Playstation®Move technology.