paweł borowski

Graduated with honours from Academy of Fine Arts. He specialized in Painting and Animated movies.

His first short films „Love Gamestation“ (2001) and „I Love You“ (2003) were shown and awarded at numerous international festivals; among them Berlin Film Festival and Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

In 2009, his debut live action feature „Zero“ was recognized as one of the most exciting debuts in Polish cinematography in recent years. It went on to garner attention at festivals in Pusan, Sao Paulo, Rotterdam, Washington, Milan and many more. It received 11 major prizes, among them 4 Grand Prix.

Has been cooperating with Platige from 2008. In that time he directed over 60 commercials and social campaign spots. He has worked with such brands as ORANGE, ŻYWIEC, HEYAH, DANONE, BP. Recently he directed “Hero and a message” an animated short for children created for State National Day Celebrations Organizing Committee of Qatar.