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Feature Animated Movie
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Platige Films receives Cartoon Movie Tributes award

Platige Films together with Kanaki Films, Walking the Dog, Wüste Film, Animationsfabrik GmbH and Puppetworks have been awarded “European Producer of the Year” by Cartoon Movie Tributes for “Another Day Of Life”.

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Premiere of the newest Frostpunk cinematic

We’ve created the newest cinematic for “Frostpunk” by 11 bit studios – a game which will be released on 24th of April in 2018. The video directed by Jakub Jabłoński tells the story of a postapocalyptic city that must survive at all costs – those, who can’t save the society, will be severely punished. Frostpunk’s

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“Key Decisions” premiere – an ad for PKO Bank Polski

New marketing campaign for PKO Bank Polski started today with the premiere of “Key Decisions” ad, created by Platige Image in cooperation with Dobro and Agencja Warszawska, directed by Tomek Bagiński. Kaśka Dubińska was the producer, Marek Gajowski – CG Supervisor. Ad tells a story about making decisions – big ones and seemingly small as

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Platige Films nominated for Producer of the Year award on Cartoon Movie Tributes

The team was nominated for “Another Day of Life”. They will compete with A. Film Production (Denmark), TAT productions (France) i Superprod (France). The winner will be announced on 9th of March during The 2018 Award Ceremony on Cartoon Movie. You can find other catogeries and nominees on the event’s official site.

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Platige Events to organize the opening ceremony of the UEFA Europa League final 2017/2018

Platige Events team was selected to organize the opening ceremony of the UEFA Europa League final 2017/2018. This means another year of great cooperation with the most important football organization – UEFA. Over the last three years we have produced 6 ceremonies at stadiums all over Europe from mountainous Norway to hot Georgia. We have

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Platige Image presents a CG Reel

We prepared a CG reel showing the various styles of animation that we use every day. Watch samples of our cinematics, commercials, animated films, VFX from live action movies, short films and special projects we realized for public organizations. The video and full list of used titles can be found here. From Total War: Three

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Platige is hiring

Right now we’re searching for experienced graphic designers, but in the future there will be other job ads on the site. All the details can be found here. We recommend checking our “Careers” page regularly.

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Platige Image on Berlinale and Animayo festivals

68th Berlin International Film Festival – one of the biggest events in the movie industry – starts today. Platige Image will be there too, represented by Jarek Sawko (Executive Producer) and Mateusz Tokarz (Head of VFX). Our representatives are in Berlin from 16th of February, ready for potential meetings – business ones and less formal

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God of War projection on NBA court

God of War, the highly anticipated game by Santa Monica Studio, had a spectacular entrance on the court of NBA’a historic Oracle Arena. During the break of the match between Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs the dynamic world from the game was presented in a form of innovative projection, developed by Platige Image

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Multikino and Fish Ladder created Family Goes To The Cinema campaign

The campaign promotes a loyalty card for children and parents. Families will not only get an offer designed for their needs, they will also be invited to the rich world of heroes and exciting adventures. Those will allow them to look behind the scenes of making a movie and meet a bunch of colorful, cinematic

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Tomek Bagiński For Adforum

“Being a director has very little to do with actually doing a film” – Tomek Baginski is talking on AdForum about, among other things, sacrifices, the role of power naps in a director’s life and what is most challenging about what he does. Also, he describes what’s a typical work week like. More to read

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Jakub Jabłoński for AdForum

Jakub Jabłoński in an interview for AdForum about combining director’s and art director’s work, artistic freedom and latest cinematic for Total War: Three Kingdoms game. More to read here.

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Pilots – premiere at the Musical Theatre Roma

The premiere showing of “Pilots” took place on October 7, at the Musical Theatre Roma. Platige Entertainment realized digital sets and animations for the play. In the words of Jakub Panek, a reviewer for “Digital sets and animations by Kamil Pohl from Platige Image are more than theatre, they are a film-like entertainment on

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Magdalena Machalica and Maciej Gamrot on the board of directors

The Board of Directors in Platige Image has appointed Magdalena Machalica and Maciej Gamrot. MAGDALENA MACHALICA HEAD OF PRODUCTION – ANIMATION DEPARTMENT Magda has been working in Platige Image since 2011, first as a producer and the Head of Production in the commercial postproduction department, and as the Head of Production in the animation department

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Platige Events brings flowery magic to Berlin

Platige Events has produced mapping for the inauguration of Berlin Festival of Lights. The premiere screening was held yesterday, during an opening gala. The event was attended by an American actress Julianne Moore, the ambassador of Triumph, sponsor of the Festival. From 7:00 pm invited guests enjoyed the animation entitled “A Dream of Flowers”. A

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Marta Berens joins Dobro

Marta Berens joins the team of Dobro production house as the Head of Production. She will manage production processes and support the studio’s development. Also, she will be acting producer on selected project. Marta Berens has been working in the advertisement industry for over a dozen years. She started her career at Film Republic and

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Meet Platige Events

Platige Events is a small team of experts with an international network of specialists. Thanks to our experience we understand who has the know-how to meet each client’s specific expectations. It makes us flexible and give us endless possibilities when it comes to creating and producing custom-made, multimedia events. That’s why we work globally for

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Audi Cup 2017

Every two years one of the leading German football clubs FC Bayern München hosts a prestigious tournament Audi Cup. This season our team joined the group of partners involved – we were responsible for creation and production of the pre-match ceremonies. Over 200 volunteers and a group of professional dancers took part in four 4-minute

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Freedom Awards 2017

The Atlantic Council Freedom Awards celebrate those who fight for solidarity and freedom around the world. Since 2010 the American think-tank based in Washington has held the Gala in Poland, in recognition of the country’s historical struggle for independence. Our client’s priority was to honor the awardees and their merits so the scenography was all

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Platige Events for Global Forum 2017

Co-organized by the Polish Institute of International Affairs and an American think tank Atlantic Council annual meeting of politicians, diplomats, journalists and leading international affairs strategists – Global Forum has been held in Wroclaw since 2010. This year however, due to President Trump’s visit it was relocated to Warsaw and Platige Events team was asked

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